The Reason Why Auston Matthews Is Better Than Connor McDavid Has Been Revealed

Published September 7, 2023 at 5:05 PM
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Recently in an interview, Matthew Knies said that Auston Matthews was the best player in the NHL ahead of Connor McDavid. This has sparked debate among hockey fans and media over whether he is correct. One report decided to dive into this debate and show why Knies might be correct.

Matthews vs. McDavid

In a recent article written on Editor In Leaf Stephen Nixon looks to find evidence to support Matthew Knies's claim that Auston Matthews is better than Connor McDavid. At the end of his research, one interesting area of the game came to light. For context on Knies' comments here is his direct quote.

«He's not just the best goal-scorer in the NHL, but he plays defense, too. He's kind of the best overall player (in the NHL) in my eyes.»

According to Nixon Matthews is indeed better than McDavid in certain scenarios. The one that jumps out the most is when both players are playing at 5v5. Over the last 3 years at 5v5, Connor McDavid has 73 goals while Auston Matthews tallies 92 in the same situation.

Another area where Matthews excels compared to McDavid is defensively. When it comes to the NHL Awards Auston Matthews has been Top 16 for the Selke Trophy (NHL Best Defensive Forward) three times. McDavid has only finished top 16 once in his career.

The Debate Continues

While Auston Matthews seems to be getting the better of Connor McDavid at the moment in these debates they will continue. Both players are just entering their prime and still have plenty of high-level hockey ahead of them.

The true determining factor when all is said and done might be team success. Both players have played for teams that have struggled with playoff success. If one of the two can break through and win a Stanley Cup they would take the advantage back.

The Oilers and Maple Leafs are set to play on January 16th. This will be our first opportunity of the 2023-24 season to see the two go head-to-head.

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The Reason Why Auston Matthews Is Better Than Connor McDavid Has Been Revealed

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