The Reason Matthew Knies is an Elite Player Has Been Revealed

Published September 2, 2023 at 1:33 PM
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If there is one player archetype that makes NHL GM's drool, it's a skilled and speedy power forward.

These players aren't common, and they're incredible coveted. The Maple Leafs are lucky enough to have one of their own in Matthew Knies, and all is set for him to make every GM in the league continue to salivate for years to come.

Knies is ELITE

With Matthew Tkachuk at the forefront of this breed, and other players like Montreal's Josh Anderson being highly valued by executives, it is no secret that every team in the NHL wants this Swiss-army knife power forward.

Unfortunately, since Knies is a Leafs prospect, he has become sorely underrated:

Matthew Knies...Looked SO AMAZING in the playoffs. Imagine playing like that on a non-Toronto team? The NHL acclaim would be off-the-charts. He'd be known as the best young -power forward in hockey,

Perfect Complementary Player

While he may not be a superstar, he will likely play alongside them. The haters can hate all they want, but Leafs fans know they have something special here!

We are all excited to see what Knies can do next. There may be no stopping this special breed of player!
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The Reason Matthew Knies is an Elite Player Has Been Revealed

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