The Current State of William Nylander's Contract is Revealed

Published September 8, 2023 at 10h19
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William Nylander's contract situation is one of the most followed storylines in hockey and an insider has provided his insight.

Johnson Comments On Nylander

William Nylander is currently entering the final year of his contract and will look for a massive pay raise. As of now, he remains unsigned but Leafs fans are hopeful of a new contract.

Insider Chris Johnson provided the latest.

eerily quiet [on the Nylander contract front]. And I do believe that September is a big month. Like, I have to believe there's going to be another attempt here to sign William Nylander, to remove that question, that storyline, just the uncertainty that comes with a situation like that, even before the season gets going. You know, that was a big factor in Auston Matthews signing the deal he did when he did, right at the end of August. You know, I think that he understood, you know, first of all, he understands how big this year is. Every year now in Toronto, we'll be calling a big season as long as this team still has the hopes it does and that sort of core it does. He didn't want that to flood into training camp and potentially impact the vibes, I guess you'll say, as the team gets back together. So, you know, I'm not saying that as any way to put pressure on William Nylander, but I think that there will be an opportunity here, maybe, to see if they can get something done. It doesn't guarantee it's going to happen.


Nylander's Next Contract

While it is unknown what Nylander's contract will be, we do know that it will be a massive raise. The Leafs have made it clear they want Nylander for as long as possible but with more term comes more money.

Reports have come out that Nylander wants 8 figures on his next contract which would be massive. While the Leafs have balked at this concept, if Nylander can take another step, they may need to cough up the 8-figure sum.

If Nylander does not prove he wants to stay in Toronto, then Brad Treliving's hand will be forced.

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The Current State of William Nylander's Contract is Revealed

What will happen with Nylander?

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He is traded63650.5 %
He walks in free agency27722 %