Sidney Crosby is About to Hit Massive Milestones

Published September 2, 2023 at 10:39 PM
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Sidney Crosby is a household name in almost every Canadian household. His hall-of-fame career includes 1,190 career games played, 550 goals, and 952 assists. He has won 3 Stanley Cups with the Penguins.

This season, Crosby is set to potentially break these major milestones, cementing his name in NHL history.

1,000 Assists


Less than 50 assists away, Crosby certainly could reach the major milestone that only 13 other players have reached in their NHL career. While 48 assists is no walk in the park, Crosby has managed to record 60 in 7 of his career seasons. 48 is definitely attainable for the veteran centre.

1,600 Points

If you've done the math above, you'd know Crosby currently sits at 1,502 career points, passing the 1500 milestone last season. This is certainly a taller task than the milestone above, Crosby certainly doesn't need to reach this one to be considered one of the greatest of all time.


All Time Points

Phil Esposito currently sits at 10th in all-time points with 1,590. Crosby currently sits 88 points away from the major milestone, which is definitely doable and a number many have projected him to hit. If he is able to reach it, Crosby would be considered a top-10 points scorer in NHL history. If he stays healthy, he has a good shot of making the list.

As seen on The Hockey News - "Sidney Crosby Closing in on Multiple Milestones"
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Sidney Crosby is About to Hit Massive Milestones

Which Milestone Will Crosby hit?

1600 Points33834.7 %
1000 Assists21121.6 %
10th All Time Points42543.6 %