Sidney Crosby Reveals Details of His First Meeting with Kyle Dubas

Published September 16, 2023 at 5:16 PM
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Sidney Crosby has been the face of the Pittsburgh Penguins since he was drafted there. During the Penguins hiring process of new GM Kyle Dubas, it was reported that Crosby and Dubas met at their facilities. Crosby recently shared the details of how the meeting went down.

Sidney Crosby and Kyle Dubas meeting a Coincidence?

On the 32 Thoughts podcast, Crosby discussed how the meeting went down in the first place, as many rumours circulated that Crosby had specifically flown in to meet Dubas during his visit.

"So what happened was, he was coming to visit, and I had just got back from vacation, It just happened that I was coming back into town for a day or two before leaving again, and they had said he was going to the practice rink and I just happened to be there at the same time and had the opportunity to meet him.

It was really last minute. At that point, nothing was permanent.

This clears the air as to whether or not the Penguins had wanted Dubas and Crosby to meet prior to hiring him, as clearly, Crosby's opinions would be of high importance to the executives.

Sidney Crosby's Opinion of Kyle Dubas as a GM

Crosby also opened up about his opinion of Dubas, given that he has been in the league for so long and played under a number of GMs during his tenure with the Pens.

I'd say he is probably like the most new age when you think of a GM with all the analytics and all the development stuff that goes into the organization.

I think he is somebody who is constantly trying to add to that and stay ahead of the curve.

It's clear that Dubas has been putting the effort in to try and bolster the Penguins organization, bringing over several of his staff from Toronto, as well as making big acquisitions and trades to improve the Penguins roster.

It seems he also has the important approval of the long-time Pens Captain.

As seen on The Hockey News - "Sidney Crosby Opens up About First Meeting With Kyle Dubas"
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Sidney Crosby Reveals Details of His First Meeting with Kyle Dubas

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