Shocking In Depth Details Emerge Regarding Mike Babcock's resignation

Published September 17, 2023 at 5:21 PM
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The NHL off-season has been a relatively drama free one until recent times, when stories emerged of Mike Babcock returning to his old ways as a Head Coach, and now, it's come back to haunt him.

A major report


This past week, a report from Spittin Chiclets emerged that stated Babcock was going through players phones in order to find out about them and potentially find some dirt on them, and now, it's backfired.

On Sunday, Babcock officially stepped down from his role in Columbus, and with more details coming to light, it's quite shocking just how he thought he'd get away with it in 2023.

Old habits die hard

According to Elliotte Friedman, the original report of players being uncomfortable was correct, as Babcock took it to lengths that no one in those reports quite expected.

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Mike Babcock went through young Blue Jackets players phones for ‘several minutes', away from any team facility and without management's knowledge.

The players privately expressed their discomfort afterwards. Babcock analyzed their photos, scrolling through several different apps and messages for quite some time.

In his initial statement, Babcock said it was voluntary but it is now widely reported that it was not, and players took turns getting their phones examined by him.

Babcock stepped down as head coach today.

(Via Elliotte Friedman)

Unsurprisingly, the Jackets had to make a move after this came to light, and after all the positive stories about Babcock changing his ways to suit the times, this is definitely a disappointment, especially with the young core that this team have.

Ultimately, moving away from the veteran coach was a good move for Columbus, and at this point, it's very likely that the final chance for Babcock in the NHL is officially done.
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Shocking In Depth Details Emerge Regarding Mike Babcock's resignation

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