Sheldon Keefe And The Maple Leafs Should Consider Demoting Mitch Marner: It Could Be A Long Term Success Recipe

Published November 20, 2023 at 5:39 PM
Mitch Marner has spent much of his time as a Maple Leaf on the top forward line. New opinions suggest they should try moving him down the lineup.

Is Marner & Matthews Together A Waste?


This season and much of their career Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews have been deployed on the same line together. This has worked out for the Maple Leafs leading to massive point totals for the duo. However, changing things up could benefit the Maple Leafs.

With both Marner and Matthews together it leaves the Maple Leafs lineup thin as you go down the roster. The second line is fine with Nylander and Tavares. However, once you get to the third line the talent drops off immensely. Sliding Marner on that third line could give him better matchups and take pressure off of the top line.

This would also allow the Maple Leafs to have an Oilers-like strategy. They start with a balanced lineup of stars throughout the top nine. If the game is close or the offense isn't clicking the team could always put Marner back with Matthews in crunch time.

With this new idea, what could the Maple Leafs lines look like?

Maple Leafs Could Balance Their Lineup By Moving Marner


Moving Mitch Marner could provide a major boost to the third line and overall depth of the Maple Leafs. With this strategy, the lines would look something like Matthews/Knies, Nylander/Tavares, and Robertson/Marner. These pairs would give two players on each line with high-end talent.

This does rely on Nick Robertson being a key contributor and elevating his play due to being paired with Marner. This also gives Matthews the ability to develop Matthew Knies in a higher role as well.

While this likely isn't a long-term solution to the depth problems of the Maple Leafs it could spark the team.

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Sheldon Keefe And The Maple Leafs Should Consider Demoting Mitch Marner: It Could Be A Long Term Success Recipe

Should the Maple Leafs move Mitch Marner to the third line?

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