Rumor: Patrick Kane narrows it down to the final two teams

Published November 9, 2023 at 10h00
The Patrick Kane derby is officially underway as the future Hall of Famer prepares to come back to the NHL.

Kane underwent hip surgery over the summer and is finally expected to make his return to the NHL in the coming weeks.

Now, the question remains: where will he sign?

Kane Derby Reportedly Down to Two Teams, Including the Maple Leafs


A new report suggests that Patrick Kane has narrowed the list of potential destinations to two teams: the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Dallas Stars.

These two teams share the same aspiration for the coming season: winning a Stanley Cup.

At 34, it's clear that Kane is returning to the NHL with one thing in mind: winning another championship.

"Patrick Kane UPDATE: down to two teams Dallas and Toronto. Kane is training in Toronto right now, definitely not a coincidence."

Kane's Dilemma: Two Teams With Stanley Cup Aspirations


Kane would fit well with both Toronto and Dallas.

Two teams with a lot of talent and high expectations, yet completely different markets.

Toronto's market is as big as it gets. Playing for an original six team in Canada does come with its share of pressure. However, it's something most hockey players dream of.

Kane has already played with the Rangers and the Blackhawks. Signing with the Leafs could be the next logical step.

But playing in the States also has its benefits: fewer taxes, a smaller market, and certainly an easier division than Toronto's.

Where would you like to see Kane sign?
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Rumor: Patrick Kane narrows it down to the final two teams

Where would you like to see Kane sign?

Toronto41955.4 %
Dallas9612.7 %
Somewhere else24131.8 %

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