Ron MacLean Finally Discusses His Current Relationship With Don Cherry

Published September 6, 2023 at 11h26
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Ron MacLean and Don Cherry were the most dynamic duo in studio broadcast coverage of the NHL for decades. They were known by every hockey fan across North America. This all changed after an incident that got Don Cherry fired from Hockey Night In Canada.

Cherry Let Go

Don Cherry was let go from Hockey Night in Canada for some comments he made on air. After his firing, Ron MacLean was kept on as the show's host. Many including Cherry thought that MacLean would defend Cherry but he didn't.

Instead, MacLean apologized for Cherry's actions and continued on with his own career. After this happened Cherry was interviewed in 2022 and asked what the relationship was between the two. Here was his response.

I don't think we'll ever be friends again

This was the last we heard from the two on the subject until recently.

MacLean Speaks About Cherry

On a recent episode of the Bob McCowan Podcast Ron MacLean had an opportunity to speak about Don Cherry and the relationship between the two.

"The way we speak is, I phone him and then he usually phones back, but you know, Don is not big on technology," MacLean said.

This confirms that the two are at least in contact with one another still. MacLean also said that other members of the hockey media world including his former producer on Hockey Night In Canada Kathy Broderick as well as former NHLer Kevin Bieksa have joined their calls in the past.

We all sent greetings. Then I phoned him when Mayor Hazel McCallion, the longtime mayor of Mississauga, passed away. I offered to take Don to the funeral, but it would have been, you know, a bit of an event if he were there. So he asked not to go. I phoned him again on June 1, on the anniversary of [Don's late wife] Rose's passing.

MacLean did admit that the two still do disagree on a great many things including politics but that he would not let that ruin their relationship.

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Ron MacLean Finally Discusses His Current Relationship With Don Cherry

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