Reporter Clarifies Major Rumors About Patrick Kane's Next Destination

Published September 12, 2023 at 8:11 PM
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The rumours about where Patrick Kane will end up have been circling, and this reporter has just clarified what he meant about his prediction on where Kane ends up.

Kane's Destination

Like any major free agent, there were rumours regarding the Leafs and Patrick Kane, despite their already tight cap situation and loaded superstar talent. Previous reports from Dave Poulin at TSN said that the Leafs were aggressively pursuing Kane, however, he has since come out and clarified that he was misquoted and he never actually said that.


Does Kane to the Leafs Make Sense?

It is no doubt the Leafs are strapped for cash, and some significant cap magic would be needed to make room for Kane. However, Poulin notes that it's not about money for him, it is whether or not he wants a deal with some term on it.


If Kane is interested in signing a lower-term deal to prove his health, the Leafs could work something into a deal that is heavy on bonuses in order to get around potential cap issues. However, Kane could also easily sign in a place like Edmonton, where the talent isn't as packed as Toronto, but on a team that has legitimate cup contentions as well.

Credit: Johnny Hawkey on Youtube
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Reporter Clarifies Major Rumors About Patrick Kane's Next Destination

Who will Kane sign with?

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Edmonton15414.4 %
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