Report: Arizona Coyotes Speak Out Against The Team's Management

Published May 25, 2023 at 5:15 PM
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The Coyotes' poor treatment of players may be coming back to bite them in the butt. Saving a few bucks on team trips may lose them their most marketable players.

Coyotes Could Lose Stars After Poor Treatment of Players

The Coyotes being on the cheaper side of the NHL spectrum has been no secret. Finishing near the bottom of the league in attendance and revenue basically every year since their inception, they have struggled as a franchise.

There have been multiple complaints by the Coyotes players after substandard treatment from the team on trips.

This has led to players speaking out and the Star players looking like they will be leaving the team in the near future.

The Stars That Could Leave

The star players in question are Clayton Keller and Logan Cooley.

Cooley has decided to spend another season playing against college-level competition which is quite absurd considering he could certainly make the NHL next season.

This is quite concerning because in a 30 year sample size, Logan Cooley is the only player to wait and not come to the NHL.

In addition to Cooley potentially leaving, Bryan Keller, the father of Clayton, said in some now deleted tweets that his son would not be with the team next season.

This is quite alarming as Keller carried the Coyotes the entire season and with him potentially leaving for a team that will cough up a large package for him, it should be worrying to the already rebuilding Coyotes.

These are the two players they are centering their rebuild around. If they are not on the team next year, they will likely set the Coyotes back 5-10 years. If this were to happen, the Coyotes would certainly relocate to an area that can support them.
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Report: Arizona Coyotes Speak Out Against The Team's Management

Will Clayton Keller or Logan Cooley be on new teams next season?

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