Police Release New Details on the On-Ice Tragedy Involving Adam Johnson

Published November 2, 2023 at 9h09
The U.K. Police have provided an important update to their investigation into the Adam Johnson accident.

Police Leave Scene of Accident as They Continue Johnson Investigation

The U.K. Police recently released a statement that they had officers on the scene conducting a formal investigation into the death of Adam Johnson. Now, they have provided an update, stating that they have left the scene.

"Our officers have now left the scene, however due to the complex nature of this tragic and unprecedented incident, it is likely the wider investigation will take some time."

"We continue to encourage the public to avoid speculation, including on social media, while we continue our enquiries and will provide updates when appropriate."

The important update also sends a direct message to those who are speculating online. After the incident, many conspiracists and outright racists took to social media to attack Matt Petgrave, the other player involved in the accident. Hopefully, the police investigation will put that to rest.

Accident Sparking Debate on Neckguards in the NHL

The accident has brought some urgency to decision-making regarding neckguards in the NHL. Now, executives are discussing whether or not additional protective equipment that would protect the neck and wrists is warranted. Some NHL coaches are even calling for the change themselves, and some players have taken it on their own to protect themselves.

Rasmus Dahlin is wearing the neck protection tonight.

The WHL announced today the adoption of mandatory neck guard protection for all players, effective Friday, November 3.

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Police Release New Details on the On-Ice Tragedy Involving Adam Johnson

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