Pierre Engvall Appears To Have Taken A Shot At Maple Leafs

Published September 9, 2023 at 1:39 PM
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Former Maple Leaf Pierre Engvall has taken a shot at the Maple Leafs in a recent interview.

Engvall Takes Shot At Leafs?

Recently, Pierre Engvall went onto the 32 Thoughts podcast hosted by Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek. When being interviewed, Engvall offered some insight into why he likes the Islanders and what being with them means for him.

He cited how he got opportunities to play with top players like Kyle Palmeri and Brock Nelson while in Toronto he was constantly sitting in the bottom six.

"I got to play with good players" - Pierre Engvall

While it is clear that Engvall got to play with better players, calling them good insinuates that his linemates in Toronto were mediocre or even bad players.

Engvall's Committment To The Islanders

This past offseason, Engvall inked a 7-year deal with the Islanders carrying an AAV of $3 million.

It seems like he will continue to get opportunities with the Islanders and the Islanders are happy with his style of play wanting to keep him around till the 2030s.

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Pierre Engvall Appears To Have Taken A Shot At Maple Leafs

Will Engvall's 7-year deal age poorly?

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