Patrick Kane To Toronto Gaining Steam: Is it the right move?

Published September 9, 2023 at 11h33
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With the Patrick Kane sweepstakes heating up as the season gets closer, there is momentum rumoured that Kane is looking at the Leafs. Would that be a good fit?

Kane in Toronto?

The market for Kane is pretty much every team in the NHL, as TLN's Nick Alberga and Jay Rosehill say on their podcast. Of course, he is linked to Toronto, but every team should be giving Kane a serious look because of the calibre player he is.


How likely is it that Kane will end up in Toronto? Rosehill thinks it's not very.

"I just don't see how. I need to see where the cap situation is and how they are going to get under it. You sign a player of the calibre of Patrick Kane, that's going to have some ramifications down the road when his contract is on the books." - Rosehill

Do the Leafs Need Kane?

It would obviously be a difficult thing to sign Kane, with all the cap workings the Leafs would need to do to make it happen. But should they even try? Their roster is studded with all-star players already, and Alberga thinks they don't need him.

"I just don't think the Leafs need another guy like that. They need to play a different brand, a different style, I think they addressed it here in the offseason. I'm not sure Patrick Kane, is another bonafide scorer." - Alberga

Alberga could be right, that it's not worth it to work the cap magic to get Kane, especially when Treliving has been making moves to change the way the Leafs roster looks this offseason. Signing Kane would seem to go against Treliving's new thesis for this Leafs team.

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Patrick Kane To Toronto Gaining Steam: Is it the right move?

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