PK Subban fires a massive shot at Brad Marchand

Published November 15, 2023 at 3:58 PM
PK Subban just took a sly shot at Brad Marchand in this post on social media celebrating a huge hit.

Subban Loves The Hit That Flattened Brad Marchand

PK Subban, former NHL Defenseman and now Hockey Analyst, is not shy about sharing his feelings on the physicality of the NHL. Subban was a physical defenseman and appears to enjoy physical play still when it comes out in the NHL.

Recently he took to social media to share his love for a hit that sent Brad Marchand flailing to the ice.

Love it!

The hit drew a bit of attention after the fact as some Bruins players took exception to how clean it was. The ensuing scrum saw players throwing some face washes, but no fights.

Subban Could Be Taking a Shot At Marchand or Reminiscing On His Huge Hits

Subban could be taking a subtle shot at Marchand here, saying how he loved seeing the noted NHL pest get crushed. Or, more likely, he is reminiscing on his playing days, as he laid a very similar hit on Marchand during his time with the Canadiens.

We all know who did it better.

The hit is noted as one of the biggest hits in recent NHL history, which saw both Subban and Marchand collide at nearly maximum speeds. While its borderline whether the hit is clean or not, since Subban and Dhalin both leave their feet, it is clear that the reverse-style hit delivers a huge impact.

As seen on Hockey Feed - "P.K. Subban deliberately takes a shot at Brad Marchand!"
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PK Subban fires a massive shot at Brad Marchand

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