PK Subban Calls on the Maple Leafs to Fire Sheldon Keefe

Published November 10, 2023 at 2:47 PM
PK Subban just went off on the Toronto Maple Leafs' Head Coach Sheldon Keefe, calling for him to be fired from the team for their performance to start the year.

PK Subban Says It is Time for The Leafs To Move On From Keefe

PK Subban, now an analyst for ESPN since his playing days, has just taken to social media to call out the Leafs, saying that they should move on from Sheldon Keefe. In his eyes, Keefe has had his opportunities with the club, and he is wasting away the core's prime playing years.

It's time for the Toronto Maple Leafs to move on from Sheldon Keefe. I think the Toronto Maple Leafs are doing themselves a huge disservice by wasting the years of the talent that's there.

Subban has a plethora of reasons why he thinks that Keefe is bad for Toronto, but his main one is Keefe's inability to manage players' ice times effectively.

Auston Matthews Averaging 21.30, Mitch Marner averaging 21 minutes, and the only star not averaging over 20 minutes is John Tavares. We saw the Golden Knights say after they won a championship, we think we could play another playoff run. Why is that? They have four deep lines, they have deep defence, they have depth on the team, they roll four lines, they play everyone. Everyone has a roll.

Keefe Has Been Facing Pressure For Slow Start In Toronto And Lack of Response

Keefe has been under a lot of fire recently for how the Leafs have responded to their slow start to the year. He has noted that the Leafs need to do a better job of celebrating defensive plays and buying in on the defensive end of the game.

Sheldon Keefe on Leafs defensive issues:

"Some of it is just being committed to it. We sit in here & celebrate guys who score big numbers & score a ton. We don't talk enough about what we give up. That's the reality. We got to prioritize keeping the puck out of our net"

The Leafs will have a new look tonight on the back end as Jake McCabe returns and John Klingberg sits out with an injury.
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PK Subban Calls on the Maple Leafs to Fire Sheldon Keefe

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