Nylander Goes Viral for Hilarious Comment About His Family

Published November 14, 2023 at 11h31

Leafs Prepare for Global Series Game in Sweden


The Toronto Maple Leafs are currently preparing to play two games in Sweden. They'll face the Red Wings on Friday, and the Wild on Sunday.

William Nylander will make a homecoming, having the first opportunity to play an NHL game in front of his family, in his country.

Here's what he said:

"I think we're all super excited to go back to Sweden with friends and family and stuff. I mean, I have some friends and family that haven't been able to make it over to watch a game, so I think that'd be very special for them to see that.

And, of course, all the people in Sweden can now watch some NHL hockey games at a decent hour there. Obviously, with games in North America, the games start at like 1 a.m. there, so not a lot of kids can watch those games.

I think this is an important chance to show them NHL hockey."

Nylander's Homecoming: Hilarious Comments on his Family


Nylander plans on inviting a lot of people to the game. He's got 90-100 tickets for both games.

He also spoke about his grandmother, who'll see him play an NHL game live for the first time.

Per David Alter:

"Nylander says he's secured about 90-100 tickets for both Leafs games, and his grandmother will get to see him play in an NHL game for the first time.

Asked how old his grandmother is: oh, I don't know. Old."

It'll surely be an emotional trip for him, and with 22 points in 15 games this season, fans can expect other great performances from him.
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Nylander Goes Viral for Hilarious Comment About His Family

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