Nick Robertson's Fate With Maple Leafs Temporarily Revealed

Published September 19, 2023 at 4:03 PM
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Nick Robertson was once touted as the Leafs' best prospect, and now it is uncertain where he will fall as training camp fires up.

Seravalli Reveals Where Robertson Will Likely End Up This Season

On the Leafs Morning Take podcast, Frank Seravalli discussed whether or not he thinks there is a spot for Robertson on this Leafs roster.

I'm not sure, Jay, that there is a spot on this team for him, and it's going to take something really special, I think, in training camp to basically not be denied and put the Leafs in a spot where they can't send you down. I don't want to say he's not in their plans; I think he's certainly being given a fresh opportunity and a real shot to make it if he stands out.

Robertson has had some unfortunate luck during his time with the Leafs. With injury troubles, his development hasn't been as fast as fans hoped. Now, the Leafs are very deep on the wing, and it will be very difficult for the rookie to land a spot on the roster.

Seravalli Thinks Fans Hype Robertson Too Much

Seravalli went on to discuss Robertson's fate and how he thinks that fans are overhyping the young prospect.

But, you know, I think part of the situation with Robertson is that the Leafs fan base, and I don't think it's fair to say the team internally, but the Leafs fan base looks at Nick Robertson probably in a different light than 31 other teams are looking at him. This is, in all likelihood, a B-level prospect, and I think you get enamoured by certain parts of his game.

Seravalli notes that Robertson doesn't provide a whole lot outside of his ability to score, and when he isn't doing that there is a big question mark on what he provides to the roster.

He does note, however, that with injuries and a potentially strong showing in camp, nothing is out of the question for Robertson.

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Nick Robertson's Fate With Maple Leafs Temporarily Revealed

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