NHL Team Facing Backlash For Despicable Social Media Post

Published November 2, 2023 at 6:52 PM
An NHL team is facing a ton of backlash today after a tasteless post on social media.

Ducks Face Major Backlash For Social Media Post

Last night the Anaheim Ducks made a post on social media that has sparked a ton of controversy. In their game against the Arizona Coyotes defenseman Radko Gudas laid a massive hit on Coyotes star Clayton Keller.

Of course, this was a noteworthy play so the Anaheim Ducks posted it to their page on X. The problem came when they decided to put a caption along with the video.

Beware the Butcher.


With Gudas' skate coming up so high on the hit many people were reminded of the unfortunate play that cost Adam Johnson his life. With such a sensitive topic still being relevant calling a player 'The Butcher' was very offensive.

Ducks Called Out For Insensitive Post

After the tweet had begun to go viral many people made the connection to the insensitive nature of the post. Ian Kennedy a writer for The Hockey News even took to X to call out the Ducks for the post.

Given the tragic events in hockey this week, and the anxiety some people would have seeing both of Gudas' skates narrowly missing Keller, I'd hope the Ducks social media team might have slightly more awareness in putting out a post this week with that phrase.

The Ducks have not addressed the post or taken it down as of now. Clearly, this was not the intent of the social media team but it is a bad look and likely should be addressed by the team so that everyone can move past it.

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NHL Team Facing Backlash For Despicable Social Media Post

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