NHL Legend Returns To Pro Hockey After 7 Years Away

Published September 20, 2023 at 7:21 PM
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The NHL is a league for the world's best to compete against one another. There comes a time when every NHL player can no longer compete at that level. For one former NHLer, he has found the fountain of youth to play professional hockey once again.

NHL Legend Returns To The Game

A new report has confirmed that former NHLer Donald Brashear is returning to professional hockey. Brashear will reportedly be playing in the Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey (LNAH) with the Jonquière Marquis.

This will be a return for Brashear who has played in this league before many years ago.

"I'm very happy to be part of the Jonquière Marquis. It's going to be a pleasure for me to help out the team, and hopefully win a cup," said Brashear in a news release from the team.

The 51-year-old is not nearly the same athlete he used to be but it seems as though his new team and league are ecstatic to have him.

Bidding War For Brashear In The LNAH

According to a report, there was a bidding war for Donald Brashear between several teams in the LNAH. Bob Desjardins the owner of Jonquière Marquis was surprised and thrilled to be able to have Brashear on the team.

"For me, it's like wow! I managed to convince Donald to join us. From the start of our conversations, I sensed that Brash wasn't closed to the idea. I have enormous respect for the man. Guys who have played over 1,000 NHL games, that's an incredible feat.

Yes, he's 51, but it's incredible that he's still in such great shape. I'm 56 and it's hard for me to put my socks on in the morning." - Bob Desjardins

While Brashear will only be playing in a low level professional league it will be fascinating to see what a former professional can do at age 51.

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NHL Legend Returns To Pro Hockey After 7 Years Away

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