NHL Executives and Players Rebel Against Gary Bettman in Wake of Bedard Lottery

Published May 11, 2023 at 3:12 PM
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Gary Bettman isn't a very popular figure in the NHL, and it's not without good reasoning. The veteran commissioner is responsible for many questionable decisions regarding the league throughout the years, some of which include the Coyotes franchise, NHL-less Olympics, and most notably, the controversies around the NHL's Draft Lottery.

Is Gary Giving Out Favors?

The NHL's draft lottery was conducted on Monday, and much of the talk following the results were surrounding whether or not Chicago's lottery win was legitimate. After all, an Original Six franchise in a large market is the perfect destination for a generational prospect like Bedard.

Some fans were concerned that Chicago losing their longtime stars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews only to be immediately handed Bedard is a clear act of the NHL fixing the lottery, but that's not all. If you remember correctly, the Chicago Blackhawks were at the center of a massive controversy involving one of their former players who was repeatedly assaulted by their video coach. Could the NHL be trying to get fans to forget about this horrible crime that the organization covered up from top to bottom? Apparently, fans aren't the only ones who feel this way.

Elliotte Friedman said on the 32 Thoughts podcast that fans aren't the only ones expressing concern over the NHL's draft lottery this year. This time around, both team personnel and players themselves are worried that the NHL rigged the lottery in favor of Chicago.

"These were people across the league in executive jobs to even some players on teams coming forth with their apprehensions."

According to Friedman, people he considers to be very intelligent individuals are convinced that this year's lottery was rigged for the Blackhawks. With all the usual noise from fans, coupled with the concerns from players and staff, is there a legitimate chance that this year's lottery was fixed?

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NHL Executives and Players Rebel Against Gary Bettman in Wake of Bedard Lottery

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