Mitch Marner Answers Media Questions In Regards To Mike Babcock's Phone Allegations

Published September 20, 2023 at 5:19 PM
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Mike Babcock has been at the center of the NHL news cycle this week. Babcock was accused of looking through players' phones and invading their privacy. Now one former player of Babcock's has spoken about his experiences.

Marner Answers Questions About Babcock's Allegations

During his last NHL stop Mike Babcock had a controversial exit as well. He was accused of mistreating players. One of the players that he was specifically reported to have issues with was Mitch Marner. The two crossed paths from 2016 until 2020 when Babcock was eventually let go. Marner was reportedly asked by Babcock to rank teammates based on work ethic from worst to best which was then shared with teammates. This incident coming out was what led Babcock to be let go.

Now Marner has commented on the new allegations and his experiences with Mike Babcock. During the interview, Marner commented on several different questions regarding Babcock and their time together.

«Whatever happened, happened.»

-#Leafsforever Marner re his history with Mike Babcock. Understandably did not want to elaborate.

Marner was asked if Mike Babcock ever asked to see any personal pictures; says he won't get into the saga, that any issues with the coach are in the past where he's concerned.

Mitch Marner, asked if Mike Babcock ever asked him for his phone:

"I don't really want to comment on that too much. Whatever happened, happened...He's not with our team anymore. My focus is not on any other team or any other person."

Marner sounds like he is looking forward and no longer focusing on the time spent playing under Babcock

Leafs Looking To Move Forward


With the Babcock story behind them, the Maple Leafs will be looking to move forward into 2023-24. Under new leadership themselves it will be interesting to see how the Maple Leafs team changes if at all. With Sheldon Keefe still behind the bench, the strategies and style of play likely won't change too much. However, the new personnel could add a new wrinkle.

Mitch Marner in particular will be looking to improve upon last season. He had a career year in 2022-23 racking up 99 points in 80 games. The thrilling playmaker was able to throw in 30 goals last season. If Marner is able to keep improving and break the 100-point mark that would be yet another accolade earned for this Maple Leafs core.

More importantly, Marner will need to continue his success in the playoffs. Marner finally had a great playoff in 2023 with 14 points in 11 games. If he can keep up or improve this pace he gives the Maple Leafs a good chance to contend.
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Mitch Marner Answers Media Questions In Regards To Mike Babcock's Phone Allegations

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