Men's League Erupts in Intense Brawl With Players Using Their Sticks as Weapons

Published September 17, 2023 at 8h34
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In a crazy scene, a men's league broke out in an intense brawl which saw players using their sticks to assault opposing players.

Player Swings Stick Over Head at Opponent's Bench Instigating Crazy Brawl With Others Using Sticks As Well

In a video going viral on Twitter, a Men's League game goes off the wall when one player takes aim with his stick at an opposing team's bench. When a line brawl breaks out as a result of the incident, the entire situation goes down hill with players on both sides swinging their sticks at each other.

Dangerous brawl breaks out in Toronto men's league with multiple players using their stick as a weapon.

This Is Not Fighting, This Is Players Using Their Equipment as Weapons in a Borderline Assault

Fighting has been under intense scrutiny over the last few years, at all levels of hockey. Recently, the QMJHL took steps to remove fighting from the game entirely. Many are calling for the NHL to take similar actions.

The debate over fighting is one thing, with legitimate arguments on both sides. However, what is seen in the video is something completely, and disgracefully, different. Using your own equipment in an attack on an opponent is a disgusting action that completely disrespects the game, and is borderline on whether or not it is assault.

This type of violence has no place in hockey at any level, and players involved should be disciplined accordingly.

As seen on House of Hockey - "Players Use Sticks as Weapons During Insane Men's League Brawl"
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Men's League Erupts in Intense Brawl With Players Using Their Sticks as Weapons

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