Matthews Knies Gives A Teammate The Ultimate Compliment

Published September 5, 2023 at 7:01 PM
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Matthew Knies joined the Toronto Maple Leafs last season during their playoff run. He had an immediate impact on the roster and helped the Leafs to win their first-round series. Now he just gave one of his Maple Leafs teammate the best compliment a hockey player can ask for.

Knies Compliments His Teammate

In an interview recently Matthew Knies was asked about his Maple Leafs teammate Auston Matthews. Knies was asked how good he thinks Matthews is and can be. Here was Knies' response.

Pretty damn good. He's not just the best goal scorer in the NHL but he plays defense too. He's kind of the best overall player [in the NHL] in my eyes.

This is huge praise for Matthews. Many consider Matthews to be one of the better players in the NHL but not outright the best. This compliment by Knies shows how much respect Matthews' teammates have for him.

Matthews & The Leafs Prepare For Another Playoff Run

Auston Matthews, Matthew Knies, and the rest of the Leafs crew are ramping up their training in preparation for the upcoming season.

Knies will get his first taste of full-time NHL action this season. After putting up 4 points in 7 playoff games Leafs have high expectations for Knies in his rookie season. He along with Nick Robertson will look to inject some youth into the veteran Toronto Maple Leafs lineup.

Another player with sky-high expectations is Auston Matthews. Matthews signed a massive extension this offseason. With many debating if he is getting paid too much or too little all eyes will be on the American superstar heading into the 2023-24 season.
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Matthews Knies Gives A Teammate The Ultimate Compliment

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