Matthews And Marner Make A Promise To Leafs Fans After Poor Performance

Published November 1, 2023 at 10h49
Matthews and Marner both made big promises to the media and Leaf fans after last night's disappointing loss to the LA Kings.

Matthews and Marner Vow To Be Better Moving Forward

Last night's game didn't have much energy from the start, as the Leafs found themselves in a 3-goal hole before they knew it. The game came at the end of a long road trip for the Leafs, but despite that, their biggest stars Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews looked flat, a concerning note for any Leaf fan.

Marner was bad tonight and Matthews was touch and go. We also know what those players are over the long body of work, and our measuring stick for them is whether or not they are playing at their best (they're not), not whether they can keep up at all

After the game, Marner and Matthews addressed the media, owning up to their poor play in the game and vowing to be better moving forward. Marner had the following promise to Leaf fans.

"We've got to be better and we will be better."

Marner and Matthews' Poor Play Together Risks Splitting Them Apart

Many have criticized Head Coach Sheldon Keefe for continuing to play the two together after a few games of not performing. Keefe, not shy from mixing things up normally, has been reluctant to split his two top-scoring talents.

If Matthews and Marner were clicking you could put Reaves on their line and they would dominate. The 3rd winger isn't the problem. It was time to split these guys up a game or two ago

Despite the criticism, Keefe's worry about the two isn't his top priority for fixing, as he noted after the loss last night.

Keefe after a dud of a performance vs. LA: «Today, nobody had it."

On Matthews & Marner: "Things are off a little bit... Among the things I'm worried about, those two aren't anywhere near the top of the list."

It is still pretty early in the season, and the Leafs have a lot of new faces to get up to speed. Hiccups are normal for any top producers, and it's better to have a slump at the beginning of the year as opposed to the end.

As seen on The Hockey News - "'We've Got To Be Better And We Will Be Better': Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner's Lack of Scoring Bubbles to the Surface in Maple Leafs Loss to Kings"
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Matthews And Marner Make A Promise To Leafs Fans After Poor Performance

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