Marchand Under Fire for Comments on Milan Lucic's Arrest

Published November 18, 2023 at 4:08 PM
The Boston Bruins have had to face major heat after Milan Lucic was arrested for a family issue. Today Bruins captain Brad Marchand spoke on the issue and people are not happy with his thoughts.

Lucic Arrested After Domestic Disturbance

It was announced early this morning that Milan Lucic had been arrested last night for a domestic incident. He was immediately put on an indefinite leave after this was announced.

The Boston Bruins have announced that Milan Lucic will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from the team after an alleged domestic incident involving Lucic took place Friday night.

After their skate this morning the Bruins were allowed to comment on the situation. Captain Brad Marchand caused controversy with his comments.

Marchand Under Fire For Comments On Lucic

This morning Brad Marchand was asked about the situation and continued to support his teammate.

"Definitely worried about Brit and the kids and Looch himself, but they have all the support in the world. Anything they need, we're going to be here for them," added Marchand.

"We're obviously aware of what happened last night with Looch and the biggest thing for us is we care a lot about their family," said Marchand. "We are family in here, we're all very very close, so we're obviously very concerned and upset for them and what they're going through."

Marchand mostly talks about being concerned for Lucic while mentioning his family on the side. This has made people feel he is defending Lucic and not looking out for the people he allegedly had the incident with.

Regardless Lucic will be away from the team while any legal proceedings take place. We will have to see if Marchand clarifies his comments in the coming days.

As Read On - Hockey Feed - Marchand sounds off on arrest of 'good friend' Milan Lucic. Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand spoke to the media Saturday following the arrest of his 'good friend' Milan Lucic.
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Marchand Under Fire for Comments on Milan Lucic's Arrest

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