Maple Leafs and Penguins Emerge as Front-Runners for Vezina Goalie

Published May 24, 2023 at 9h27
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Maple Leafs Emerge as Front-Runner for a Vezina Goalie

The Maple Leafs' to-do list for this summer is charged. Finding a replacement for Kyle Dubas, the draft, and the free agents will keep whoever's in charge pretty busy.

Add to that list the possible need to find a new number one goalie.

With Matt Murray injured all the time, they need a solid number one goalie, especially considering that this year might be the last we see of the Core Four.

Samsonov proved he's a reliable number two, and Woll showed that he'll be number one, just not now.

In the meantime, an elite goaltender was linked to the Leafs by a reporter from The Athletic.

Will Hellebuyck Join the Leafs?

Connor Hellebuyck has only one more season remaining on his contract in Winnipeg.

After years of frustration with the Jets, it feels like the goalie would greatly benefit from a change of scenery.

Here's what Shayna Goldman reported:

"Considering the pressure on this team, under new management that's to be decided, to maximize these next couple of years before those costs rise (or players depart), there may be a desire to have more security in net.

Ilya Samsonov, who is a restricted free agent this summer, was better than expected in Toronto this year. But he doesn't have a huge history to fall back on. Matt Murray, who has another year on his deal, was sidelined with injury a few times and disappointing when healthy."

The 2020 Vezina winner has been good in Winnipeg, but just imagine what kind of damage he could do with Matthews, Nylander, Marner, and Tavares in front of him.

Would you like to see Hellebuyck join the Leafs?

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Maple Leafs and Penguins Emerge as Front-Runners for Vezina Goalie

Would you like to see Connor Hellebuyck join the Leafs?

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