Maple Leafs Top Line Has Been Revealed

Published September 21, 2023 at 10h25
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The Leafs First Line: Who'll Play with the Top Guns?

With all the acquisitions that Brad Treliving made since he joined the Toronto Maple Leafs, there are a lot of possibilities as to what the team's first line could look like.

Obviously, Matthews and Marner should be there, but there are many candidates to fill the third spot on the line.

David Alter reported the combination that Keefe used in the first 10 minutes of practice.

Matthews, Marner, and Bertuzzi on Toronto's First Line?


Here's what Alter revealed:

The first 10 minutes of practice have been skating drills. Most notable is that the trio of Bertuzzi-Matthews-Marner is skating together in one of the drills. Another is Knies-Tavares-Lafferty.

Don't be surprised if the Leafs try many combinations during the season, but it's interesting to see that Bertuzzi holds the spot for now.

Bertuzzi is probably Treliving's top addition of the summer. He's able to have an impact on every game and he's exactly what was missing in Toronto all these years.

Playing alongside Matthews and Marner will certainly help him have a good year and give him the leverage he needs to ask for a big raise next year.

Do you think Bertuzzi is the right guy to play on the first line?
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Maple Leafs Top Line Has Been Revealed

Do you think Bertuzzi is the right guy to play on the first line with Marner and Matthews?

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