Maple Leafs Took A Big Swing With Star Goaltender

Published September 18, 2023 at 12h20
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Over the summer, the Toronto Maple Leafs entered the salary arbitration process with their goaltender Ilya Samsonov. Many people were eager to see how things would turn out. Not only because of the final number but also because this process can easily turn players against their organization.

Ilya Samsonov emerged from the whole thing with a one-year contract valued at $3.55M. This isn't so bad for Brad Treliving, considering his performance last season.


Samsonov's Hearing: Challenges Ahead for Brad Treliving?

However, the short-term contract creates many challenges for the Maple Leafs.

Samsonov is now in a position to show what he's capable of. He's setting the stage for what could be the next step in his career. If he performs well this year, he'll be in a position to ask for a significant raise. And if he's good, the Leafs will probably want to keep him.

Unfortunately for Treliving, if Samsonov has a great season, other teams might also be interested if he reaches the free agent market.


Samsonov's Future in Toronto Uncertain, Trade Incoming?

Before that happens, the Leafs will probably do everything in their power to keep him. If they feel that can't happen, trading him at the deadline is a real possibility.

In that case, if they don't trade Samsonov for another goalie, Joseph Woll will be number one, and Martin Jones will be number two. Going into the playoffs, that's not an ideal scenario unless Woll has a breakout season in his first full year in the NHL.

In short, Samsonov's deal is good in the short term, but could become a challenge sooner than later for Treliving, who's already buffeted by the salary cap and the negotiations with William Nylander.

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Maple Leafs Took A Big Swing With Star Goaltender

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