Maple Leafs Players Create Viral TikTok Video

Published September 18, 2023 at 7:47 PM
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The Leafs kept things pretty light-hearted at their annual Charity Golf Tournament as their first real public team event prior to Training Camp. The young stars were on center stage, but this time, in their own media.

Leafs Stars Create Viral TikTok on the Golf Course

In this hilarious viral TikTok, William Nylander and Matthew Knies re-create a well-known trend in the golf world.

Leafs becoming the latest team to use Tik Tok properly.

As NHL teams get more attuned to social media, it gives fans a great experience of seeing a lighter side of their favourite players. The Leafs have a great social media team, and do a wonderful job of highlighting the players' personalities outside of the rink.

Leafs Packed Full of TikTok Stars in the Making, Including Auston Matthews

This isn't the only TikTok the Leafs made at the tournament. In this video, Auston Matthews makes an appearance. Hopefully, though, the video isn't turned into a meme later this spring.

A bit concerned I'm going to see a lot of this video in early to mid-May

The younger players on the team are more into social media on their own, and that can be seen by the Leafs' top prospect Matthew Knies. His own TikToks have gone viral from his time with Team USA.

the leafs need to start posting more tiktoks we literally have a tiktok icon on the team

Let's hope we can get a look at some more viral behind-the-scenes TikToks during the season!
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Maple Leafs Players Create Viral TikTok Video

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