Maple Leafs Goal Song For Upcoming Season Appears To Be Known

Published September 16, 2023 at 4:55 PM
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The Leafs' goal song has been a staple for the past several years, however, it has also been the subject of some discussion as many fans are hopeful that it will be changed.

Rumours of the Leafs changing their goal song have been circulating for years, and we now know which song will be playing this year.

Here We Go Again

At the prospect tournament, we might have gotten a peak at what the goal song could be for the Leafs this year, and fans don't seem to be pleased.

Hall and Oates was playing after Fraser Minten scored for the #Leafs.

Is this a sign?

Damn they kept the goal song. I love it but I thought they'd change it 😂

Hall and Oates Forever

The infamous "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall & Oates has been playing after Leafs' goals since 2018. This season will mark the 6th season that the song is used to celebrate every single goal.

Fans were hopeful that the song would be changed. Even some of the players, like Auston Matthews, would have been happy to see the celebration have a different tune this season.

"I wouldn't mind hearing something different, maybe switching it up," Matthews told Tim Micallef in September 2022.

"Just change it up, switch it up. See if we can get something else going, and go on a nice little run. I'm always open to change, but if they want to stick with the same one too, I'm fine as well."

Unfortunately for Leaf fans, it's looking like the same song and dance for the upcoming season.
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Maple Leafs Goal Song For Upcoming Season Appears To Be Known

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