Maple Leafs Camp Invite Instigates Huge Tilt

Published September 22, 2023 at 1:01 PM
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In a crazy viral video, this Maple Leafs camp invite instigated a line brawl after a wild on-ice incident.

Toronto Maple Leaf Development Camp Invite Instigates Massive Brawl

We are used to seeing massive line brawls occur as a result of a dirty play or bad hit, but not the way this Leafs development camp invite started one. In the OHL, Landon McCallum of the Soo Greyhounds can be seen ripping the chain off his opponent, starting a massive line brawl with several different fights.

Well that's an unusual one. That's Landon McCallum yanking the chain, he was at Leafs dev camp as an invite

Fighting Rules Already Being Questioned in Canadian Junior Hockey

Fighting is the topic of much debate in hockey circles, with some arguing that it should be banned from the game. While many argue against this, proponents have had more success eliminating it in at the junior level, with the QMJHL recently deciding to enforce stricter penalties for fighting.

The QMJHL has announced that fighting has been banned starting this upcoming season.

The rules now state that fighting will result in an automatic ejection with other supplemental discipline to follow.

The video of the incident in the OHL is a drastic change of pace from what the QMJHL is currently undergoing.
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Maple Leafs Camp Invite Instigates Huge Tilt

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