MAJOR RUMOR: William Nylander Reportedly Declines Trade to the Worst team in the league

Published September 2, 2023 at 6:07 PM
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William Nylander is on the trade market and he has reportedly declined a trade to the worst team you could be traded to.

Nylander Declines A Trade To Arizona

The Toronto Maple Leafs are stuck between a rock and a hard place regarding William Nylander. With him being worth a great deal yet asking for too much on a potential contract extension, the Leafs are looking elsewhere for more options. Rumors indicate that one of the teams they reached out to was the Arizona Coyotes.

The Maple Leafs and Arizona Coyotes explored a deal involving Nylander and Keller Nylander is unwilling to extend in Arizona as of now.

Nylander to Arizona for Keller would be quite interesting but it would almost certainly mean that the Leafs would have to give up more than Nylander in a swap.

Comparing The Two

Nylander and Keller are quite similar. Keller had 86 points last season while Nylander had 87 and both played all 82 games. However, it should be noted that Nylander played with far better players as the Coyotes do not have anybody of Auston Matthews', Mitch Marner's, or John Tavares' caliber other than Keller himself.

Keller also being younger and being under contract for five more seasons at only $7.15 million per year.


Clayton Keller

William Nylander
Fraser Minten
2027 2nd round pick

This mock trade would give the Leafs a long-term superstar who would be cheaper but also give the Coyotes some future assets they can use whichever way they please.

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MAJOR RUMOR: William Nylander Reportedly Declines Trade to the Worst team in the league

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