MAJOR: NHL Set to Introduce New Overtime Rules to Make Games More Exciting

Published November 14, 2023 at 1:31 PM
It was just reported that the NHL is set to introduce new rules to change how overtime works, making the game more exciting for fans.

NHL Considering Changes to Overtime Rules To Make Game More Exciting

Overtime in the NHL has gone through many revisions to try and make it more exciting for fans. What started as regular 5-on-5 overtime until someone scored, moved quickly to end in a shootout, then to a revised 3-on-3 version. Many fans enjoy 3-on-3 over time, as the extra room gives players more opportunity to show off their speed and skill.

Now, it appears the NHL is looking to revise the rules to speed up 3-on-3 overtime, to make it more difficult for a team to continuously control the puck.

#NHL's Colin Campbell says GMs discussed the idea of changing rule to limit teams from continually looping back and regrouping in 3-on-3 OT.

Potential solutions: Once you cross red or blue line, can't go back out again. Or a shot clock.

Discussions ongoing, tabled to March.

Puck possession in overtime is crucial, as players look for the perfect opening to take a chance at scoring before giving up the puck. Doing so has created the strategy of constantly looping out of the offensive zone to re-group and come at opponents with more speed.

Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Potential New Overtime Rules and Want Continuous Overtime Instead

Many fans are confused as to why the NHL is looking to make changes to the rules of overtime, and not just to extend it. There is a general consensus among NHL fans that the shootout is not a fair way to end a game. While it was necessary before to ensure a timely finish, 3-on-3 overtime ends with a goal quicker than 5-on-5, so that isn't as much of an issue.

Because of this, fans want a 10-minute 3-on-3 overtime period.

How about continuous OT

10 minutes of OT

10 minutes of OT with something close to what they've discussed, and it's almost guaranteed to end without needing to go to a cheap shootout.

We will see if the NHL decides to make any changes after the season comes to a close in March.
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MAJOR: NHL Set to Introduce New Overtime Rules to Make Games More Exciting

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