MAJOR: Insider Elliotte Friedman Reveals Massive Update on Nikita Zadorov likely trade to the Toronto Maple Leafs

Published November 21, 2023 at 1:44 PM

Friedman Shares Update on Zadorov and the Toronto Maple Leafs


In a recent episode of 32 Throughts, insider Elliotte Friedman talked about the Leafs and the Flames, who could be poised to make a deal.

A Youtuber talked about that in a recent video.

Here's the transcript:

"Elliotte Friedman keeps providing bits of information leading up to the inevitable, or what seems like an inevitable trade for the Calgary Flames of Nikita Zadorov and Chris Tenev. And the Leafs are right there in the middle of it.

So teams are calling Calgary about having a window where they could talk to their defense in regarding extensions. We discussed that in the previous video about how the Flames want a top prospect from the Maple Leafs in a deal contingent on the fact that if the Leafs do trade for Zidorov, he would be open to an extension.

So that's interesting to keep in mind. And confirms again that the Leafs want one, if not both of Zadorov and Tanev. And there will be clarity about John Klingberg this week and they have talked to Patrick Kane. So tons of information there.

So the Flames asking price is high, but they understand that if they do trade Nikita Zadorov to the Maple Leafs or both of them in this case, they would want the Leafs, that is, extensions pending for the Flames defenseman.
Obviously, Nikita Zardov is a pending UFA. So if the Leafs do want to go out and acquire him, and the Flames want a top prospect, then if you're the Leafs, you're going to want contract extensions.

Talks to happen and teams are calling Calgary and asking, can we talk to Nikita Zodorov and figure out if we can get an extension in place to where you trade? And then you get an extension done right away. Like we see a lot around the league, around other leagues too.

The NBA, the MLB, all worth. Those things are a bit more common in the NHL so that's a very, very interesting bit of information. And this reaffirms, again, I think what's the holdup if the Leafs are indeed inquiring about Nikita Zadorov is that they also want Chris Tanev, which increases the package a lot.

There's tons of different packages that people are proposing out there. But again, they want a young forwards.

In theory, if you're trading for Zadorov and Tanev, it opens up some spots. And do you want Klingberg to be one of your defensemen in that case? And if you do, Klingberg is the guy who has the salary that lines up the most with Zadorov and Tanev.

So you'd think that if they're acquiring both of those guys just because of salary purposes, whether it's 50% retained or whatever it is, Klingberg would have to be shipped out. And now you have Connor Timmins, who's on the cusp of a return. He's been injured for a while. He's a very, very good defenseman.

You have Timothy Lillegren, who is hopefully making some progress. It's an interesting situation to be in. It just keeps getting weirder and weirder. And again, Friedman on the 32 Thoughts podcast mentioned that we may find more about find out more about John Klingberg's future this week. And again, whether that's a trade like he's kind of hinting at here, whether that's something else has yet to be seen.

And Elliotte again talked about how the Toronto is pursuing both when they're home from Sweden. It's a very real possibility with them off till Friday that some cap decisions had to be made.

You need to make multiple moves. So I think Brad Treliving right now, his brain must be swirling because you have tons of roster moves. You have to make roster moves to get up Connor Timmins and call him up. You have other guys who are continuing to return. Who knows if Klingberg may put on the line term IR if he's going to be returning very, very soon."

Zadorov in Toronto: A Complicated Trade


Treliving has a lot of options on the table to bolster his team, but if he wants to get Zadorov and Tanev, he doesn't have much choice: he'll need to send great assets.

Yes, Zadorov and Tanev would be great acquisitions for the Leafs, but at what cost?

We should know more as the situation develops in the coming days.

You can listen to the full video in the link below:

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MAJOR: Insider Elliotte Friedman Reveals Massive Update on Nikita Zadorov likely trade to the Toronto Maple Leafs

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