Leafs Prospect Easton Cowan Challenges Red Wings 6'4 Prospect

Published September 17, 2023 at 7:56 PM
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In the prospect tournament, Easton Cowan showed a bit of his attitude and toughness as he didn't back down from a conversation with a 6'4 Red Wings prospect.

Easton Cowan Doesn't Back Down from Conversation with Red Wing Prospect

During the Traverse City prospect tourney finale this afternoon, 5'10 Cowan decided to approach the Red Wing's William Wallinder after a play had ended to let him know his displeasure about something that went down.

The Amazing Adventures of Max and Easton

Obviously, it's not like this is a full-fledged fight, and the conversation between the two doesn't lead to much happening. However, it does show that Cowan isn't afraid of anything and matches his feisty style of play between the whistles as well.

Easton Cowan Could be the Next Big Star for the Leafs

Many were surprised when Cowan was selected by the Leafs with the 28th pick overall this year. It is more than likely that this surprise was simply because people were unaware of Cowan and his game.

Cowan has shown what he has to offer during the prospect tournament this year. He is a great skater who isn't afraid to throw his body around and is clearly not afraid of anyone on the ice. Cowan is turning out to be a pretty smart pick by the Leafs' scouting staff.

As seen on Maple Leafs Insider - "5'10 Leafs prospect shows some backbone, doesn't back down from 6'4 Wings prospect"
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Leafs Prospect Easton Cowan Challenges Red Wings 6'4 Prospect

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