Leafs Mark Giordano and Max Domi send a message to their teammates

Published November 13, 2023 at 10h52
In the Leafs statement victory against the Vancouver Canucks, both Mark Giordano and Max Domi sent a valuable message to their teammates.

Domi and Giordano Send Message About Team Unity During Canucks Game

There are plenty of reasons why the Leafs were successful on Saturday night against the Canucks. Their third and fourth lines were rolling, they had success on the second powerplay, and Nylander continued his point streak. However, there is another reason why the Leafs looked energized, and that was the result of Mark Giordano and Max Domi stepping up for their teammates.

Holy wow Mark Giordano, this fan perspective of the fight from last night is insane.

Max Domi: oh hell no

In a game that saw tough guy Ryan Reaves scratched, the Leafs were able to step up for each other when they thought their opponents took it a step too far. This is exactly the type of passion and unity that many had said was lacking in previous games.

Leafs Need to Balance Instigating Fights with Staying Out of the Box

Obviously, there is a line to walk when sticking up for your teammates, as no one wants to spend the entire game down a man because of instigators. However, giving up a penalty in some instances is well worth it to build camaraderie and team unity. That energy goes beyond just 2 minutes after the play, and helps the team in the long run, especially down the stretch and into playoffs.

Robertson needed 4-5 stitches after high Cole hit

Appreciated Domi's response

«It just shows the character of our group. He's a skill guy too. He's not really known for a fighter, but he has that feistiness in him & for him to stand up for me there, it's great to see.»

This type of play is something the Leafs need to build on, finding that line of when to jump in, but it is also something that they should be proud of for sticking up for one another.

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Leafs Mark Giordano and Max Domi send a message to their teammates

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