Kyle Dubas Breaks Silence On The Hiring Of Brad Treliving

Published September 9, 2023 at 12h44
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Kyle Dubas was fired from the Maple Leafs early in the offseason and joined the Pittsburgh Penguins as President of Hockey Operations.

The former Leafs' GM talked about the hiring of Brad Treliving to take his place.

Dubas Opens Up on Treliving's Hiring


Here's what Dubas said in a recent interview:

"Tree is a great person who has done well over decades in management. There are also a lot of great people I thoroughly enjoyed working with in Toronto during my time there. I am very happy for both (the Maple Leafs and Treliving) that they will have the chance to work together and think it's a great fit for all." - Kyle Dubas on Brad Treliving

As you can see, Dubas is a pro! He doesn't hold any grudges against Treliving and shows nothing but respect for the former GM in Calgary.

Treliving Talks About Dubas


Treliving also talked about Dubas recently, providing insight into their relationship.

"So when we left the Flames, it took a while to get through all that. And then when this thing came up, yeah, you talked about it, there were lots of emotions. Like, Kyle is a good friend." - Brad Treliving

Of course, when something like that happens, any relationship would have taken a hit. But by talking about it, the most important thing came through: their friendship.

As seen on Maple Leafs Insider - Kyle Dubas finally shares his thoughts on the Leafs hiring Brad Treliving
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Kyle Dubas Breaks Silence On The Hiring Of Brad Treliving

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