John Klingberg's New Partner Has Been Revealed

Published September 22, 2023 at 6:01 PM
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As Leafs' training camp continues to develop, we may know where John Klingberg falls in the roster and who his new defensive partner is.

John Klingberg a Big Addition for the Leafs' Back End this Offseason

Klingberg was one of the Leafs' many additions this offseason after being traded from the Ducks to the Wild the season prior. Many were big fans of the acquisition, as Klingberg is a puck-moving defenseman who has the ability to score and potentially play on the second powerplay.

John Klingberg scored 10 goals and 25 primary points in 67 regular-season games and added one goal as his lone primary point in the playoffs.

Here's all of them.

John Klingberg Impresses at Camp and His Defensive Pairing May Be Known

As Leafs' training camp gets underway, it's hard not to dive into where players might slot into the roster. While nothing is official of course, and the camp is still split into two player groups, it is interesting to see Klingberg paired with McCabe, who many have projected as being the second pairing for the Leafs behind Rielly and Brodie.

Tyler Bertuzzi is skating with Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner on the first on-ice day of Leafs camp.

Matthew Knies joins John Tavares and Sam Lafferty.

John Klingberg is paired with Jake McCabe.

#Leafs Group 1 practice lines Sept. 22/23





Klingberg Unsure Where he Will Slot In To Lineup

As for Klingberg himself, he isn't sure where exactly he will fit into the lineup. However, it is clear that his new coach Sheldon Keefe has been impressed with his play.

John Klingberg says he doesn't know where he'll factor in on defense.

Skated with McCabe today: He's strong. We've been able to communicate on Day 1, it was good.

Klingberg: «Great to get going, great to be here.» #Leafs

"I think he's an excellent puck mover who can get the puck into the hands of our forwards. He can also be a guy that can join the rush and be involved that way, a guy that can finish a chance and create chances for others. I think it's a different element than we've had on the back end. He's got some work to do on his game defensively here. We've talked about that. We're gonna be working with him. It's gonna take some time. But his attitude's been great. I think he knows where he's at and where he needs to improve." - Sheldon Keefe

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John Klingberg's New Partner Has Been Revealed

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