John Cooper Back To His Antics With Latest Comments On Maple Leafs & Lightning Series

Published September 21, 2023 at 8:49 PM
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In a recent interview, John Cooper had some sly comments about the Leafs Lightning series last year and whether or not he thought that the Leafs deserved to win the series.

John Cooper Thinks the Wrong Team Won Last Years Series Between Lightning and Leafs

In an interview, John Cooper opened up about playing the Leafs two playoff series in a row. He says that in both series, the wrong team won and advanced.

«You can honestly argue the wrong team won both of those series. They outplayed us (in 2022) and we won. We outplayed them last year and they won.

Cooper is notorious for not holding back in the media, and playing mind games with his comments. There's a chance he is doing this again in trying to change the narrative around the Lightning and their odds at making another Cup run this year.

Cooper Believes that Toronto Has What it Takes to Win in the Playoffs

What was also surprising from the interview is Cooper's view on the Leafs and their potential to win in the playoffs. Whether or not he was just indirectly complimenting his Lightning, he did have some nice things to say about the Leafs.

«I know there's a lot of angst in Toronto all the time about the Leafs but Toronto has an exceptional team. They've had some tough playoff breaks. But the team that they've built, the players they have, the staff they have, they're too good not to win in the playoffs.

They took a huge step winning in the first round and they beat a team that beat them the year before and went to the Stanley Cup Final three years in a row. That to me is a step forward.»

Leafs fans do get anxious about the Leafs' performance come the post-season. However, this isn't without due cause, as last season was the first in many years they had an inkling of success. Let's hope they can build off of that experience this year.

As seen on Toronto Sun - "'You can argue the wrong team won both of those series:' Jon Cooper on the Lightning, Leafs and more"
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John Cooper Back To His Antics With Latest Comments On Maple Leafs & Lightning Series

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