Jack Edwards' Attempted Apology for Fat-Shaming Pat Maroon Goes Terribly Wrong

Published January 26, 2023 at 12h27
If you don't remember the story, here is a little summary.

Pat Maroon, a three-time cup winner and a powerful bottom-six player, happens to be one of the heavier players in the league. This allows him to be one of the most efficient grinders in the league, and he is an integral reason for his three cup rings.

Unfortunately, fabled Bruins reporter Jack Edwards decided to mock Marron or his weight on live broadcast.

Maroon is listed at 238 pounds. That was Day 1 of training camp. I've got a feeling he's had a few more pizzas between then and now. Fasting. Inadvertent fasting for Pat Maroon is like four hours without a meal. But hey, [he's won] three [Stanley Cups] in a row! Who can argue with his formula?

The Bruins and the Lightning will face off tonight, and Edwards decided to go visit him personally. We are unsure of what words were exchanged, but the sentiment is very clear that Maroon is still unhappy about the situation.

First meeting between Bruins and #GoBolts since December and the comments made by Jack Edwards about Pat Maroon, Edwards went to Maroon to offer an apology.

It's not exactly going well for Edwards.

As this was a private conversation, even in a public setting, it's not my place to share exactly what was said unless either party wishes to reveal, but I will say it's evident Maroon is still displeased with the situation.

Maroon doesn't owe Edwards anything. Sometimes a grudge is worth holding!

Source: Blade of Steel
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Jack Edwards' Attempted Apology for Fat-Shaming Pat Maroon Goes Terribly Wrong

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