Intense Battle Emerges Between Ryan Reaves & Max Domi

Published September 21, 2023 at 3:50 PM
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Today's the first day of training camp for the Leafs, and notable tough guys Max Domi and Ryan Reaves have quickly familiarized themselves with eachother during a battle along the boards.

Max Domi and Ryan Reaves Battle it Out in a Drill along the Boards

In a video from the first day of camp, Max Domi and Ryan Reaves can be seen grinding it out with each other in a physical puck battle drill. The two tough guys can be seen smiling and laughing after the drill completes.

Domi & Reaves battling and smiling

The two physical competitors can be seen throwing their bodies around during the battle, and laughing as they exit the drill.

Domi and Reaves Bring a New Energy to the Leafs That They Have Been Missing

Domi and Reaves were two of the more notable additions this offseason to the Leafs roster, changing the tune of how the Leafs feel in terms of toughness. Both players aren't afraid of a physical altercation, and the Leafs can certainly benefit from having this style of play on the ice more often this season, especially during playoffs.

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Intense Battle Emerges Between Ryan Reaves & Max Domi

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