Insider Reveals Major Update on Phil Kessel's NHL Future

Published September 14, 2023 at 6:44 PM
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With the NHL season right around the corner, many are wondering what the situation is with Phil Kessel, and if he will get a contract or not. As of today, we now know where Kessel and his camp are in terms of contract talks.

Kessel Not in PTO Territory

Many have speculated that Kessel may have to sign a PTO in order to attend camp somewhere. However, TSN's Chris Johnson has confirmed that Kessel isn't quite there yet in terms of contract talks.

It sounds like there's some percolating interest from NHL teams in signing Phil Kessel to a contract for this season.

The veteran forward isn't in PTO territory at this juncture.

Kessel certainly deserves a spot at an NHL training camp this pre-season. It's clear now that teams remain interested in offering him a contract, rather than him having to stoop to a PTO to earn a spot.

Kessel a Great Addition

Kessel is a bonafide hall of fame forward, with 3 Stanley Cups under his belt, and several seasons with over 35 goals. At this stage in his career, he would be an excellent depth player, making any bottom 6 a little more dangerous. He still has goal-scoring ability in the tank, scoring 14 goals and 22 assists last season with the Knights.


He has also cleared up the question as to his active Iron Man Streak, which he has stated he is willing to give up in order to play this year. Many NHL teams were likely hesitant to sign Kessel as a bottom-six player over fears that it would handcuff them in terms of keeping him in the lineup.

It will be interesting to see where Kessel ends up this season!

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Insider Reveals Major Update on Phil Kessel's NHL Future

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