Insider Predicts When And Where Patrick Kane Will Be Going Next

Published September 6, 2023 at 6:48 PM
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Patrick Kane has been on the free agent market since his season with the New York Rangers ended in the 2023 NHL Playoffs. He is still unsigned due to some situations with his health. Now one insider thinks he has the answer for when and where Patrick Kane will sign his next contract.

Kane To New York

Patrick Kane will be looking to choose his next home soon. After his season ended Kane had hip surgery that is scheduled to keep him out the first couple months of the season. With this information one insider is taking a shot at predicting where and when Patrick Kane will sign.

Arthur Staple of The Athletic predicts that Patrick Kane will re-sign with the New York Rangers in November

This prediction would bring Patrick Kane back to the destination where he most recently played. Kane would sign once he is healed and ready to get back into action. This would spare the Rangers any media storm about if and when Kane can return to the lineup.

Does Kane Still Fit In New York?

Kane is entering his 17th year in the NHL in which he will turn 35 years old. While Kane is still a very productive player putting up 57 points in 73 total regular season games last year he is not what he used to be.

Kane has turned into a good complimentary forward that can help stars shine. With this being said Kane is still a liability defensively. This means he needs to be putting up points to create value in the NHL. For Kane to put up points in the NHL he needs to play in a top-six role.

If Kane takes a spot in the top-six it likely relegates one or both of Kaapo Kakko and Alexis Lafreniere to less playing time. Both of these players need to be able to play to grow and learn to reach their lofty potential.

There are pros and cons to signing Patrick Kane if you are the New York Rangers. The organization will have to evaluate both sides of things and come to a decision. If Kane returns as hockey fans we all hope we get to see flashes of prime Patrick Kane just once more before he retires.

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Insider Predicts When And Where Patrick Kane Will Be Going Next

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