Insider Predicts How The William Nylander Saga Will Shape Out

Published September 11, 2023 at 9:06 PM
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An NHL Insider has voiced his thoughts on what will happen with the William Nylander contract extension.

Insiders Predictions

Pierre LeBrun recently had an interview with Brad Treliving where he opened up that the Leaf's attention is on keeping the last member of their core four.

On the most recent TSN Overdrive an NHL Insider declared his predictions for the Nylander saga.

"I think he's comfortable with the core four forwards and aims to retain them. It's rare for star players to get traded, like Timo Meier's trade last summer. The return for San Jose wasn't exceptional. It's challenging to trade top-tier players and get equal value. The Maple Leafs, aiming to win now, can't trade William Nylander just for a first-rounder and a young pro."

The same insider also believes that the Leafs and Nylander will get a deal done within the season:

"I think he'll sign an extension in November, likely for eight years around the nine million mark. It's a reasonable figure considering his contribution and the team's salary structure. If he pushes for more, they might land around 9.5 million over eight years."

The Core Four

Another thing they talked about with the Leafs core four is their untouchability by the Leafs.


With Matthews and now Nylander we have seen an ideology that they are locks to stay with the team, does this apply to Marner and Tavares as well? An NHL insider believes Marner will get the same treatment as Matthews and Nylander.

"I believe Marner will. He's an integral part of the team and, in my opinion, he's among the top right-wingers in hockey. With Tavares' contract eventually ending and the salary cap rising, they can accommodate Marner's expected pay rise. He's performed at an elite level, earning his current salary, and I see the Leafs' core three staying intact."

Tavares however is in a tricky position where he is making $11 million at is leaving his prime days behind, making him harder to trade as the years go on.

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Insider Predicts How The William Nylander Saga Will Shape Out

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