Insider Drops a Bomb Regarding the Kyle Dubas Case

Published May 26, 2023 at 11h29
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Insider Drops a Bomb Regarding the Kyle Dubas Case

Rumors surronding Kyle Dubas' future have been flowing ever since the Maple Leafs announced that he wouldn't be back with their organization.

In case you missed it, some new development came out proving that they didn't make the right decision. SEE: Another Proof Emerges that the Leafs made a Big Mistake Firing Dubas

Dubas is competent. His talent will be attractive to other teams in search for a new GM.

That's reportedly the case of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Dubas in Pittsburgh?

Since he met with Sidney Crosby at the Penguins' training facilities, everyone's convinced that he'll work in Pittsburgh.

SEE: Report: Former Leafs GM Dubas met with Penguins Superstar

Reporter Chris Johnston added fuel to the fire with a latest publication:

"I've heard from people not directly involved that it's about 98% that Dubas will be taking a job in Pittsburgh. I don't know if I can place my own percentage quite that high but it seems like things are trending in that direction."

After he announced he would take some time to be with his family, it wasn't expected for Dubas to find a job so soon.

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It's a sure thing that Dubas has what it takes to revamp the Penguins organization and bring them back on the path to glory.

We'll keep you on the loop about Dubas' situation.
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Insider Drops a Bomb Regarding the Kyle Dubas Case

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