Hockey Referee Barricades Himself and Calls Police After On-Ice Incident

Published September 14, 2023 at 1:09 PM
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Minor sports have been experiencing a shortage of referees, and the trend is only continuing. This is likely the result of increased instances where they are barraged by parents.

Referee Barracades for Safety

In a crazy event, a referee had to barricade himself in a changeroom and call the police to protect himself. In a video posted to Instagram, you can hear baning on the door behind him.

"We have people banging on the door, we called the police and have them coming."

Up to the Parents

Instances like this are unfortunately not trading downward despite the best efforts from many leagues. Many refs are minors using refereeing as a part-time job, and some leagues have opted to have them wear different colour jerseys to help indicate to parents that it is a minor-aged ref on the ice.

However, even non-minor refs don't deserve the treatment that often comes with reffing minor hockey. While the typical hockey parent may be stressed that in any given game their child could have a chance at the big leagues, this is no excuse for the terrible treatment that many refs face.

As seen on Blade of Steel - "Referee forced to barricade himself in referees room while he calls the police"
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Hockey Referee Barricades Himself and Calls Police After On-Ice Incident

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