Hockey Canada did something very bad

Published September 21, 2022 at 10h57
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The scandal surrounding Hockey Canada is doubly problematic. Not only do the allegations add up, the people in charge don't seem to understand that a change of scenery would be beneficial to any hockey organization, parent, player across the country.

Once again, Hockey Canada has covered itself in ridicule. This time, it's with a survey. A market research firm working with Hockey Canada asked parents of players to fill out a survey about the sexual assault scandal.

One of the questions has sent shockwaves through the country and people are calling it shameful:


« The level of media criticism of field hockey Canada is exaggerated. »

People are asked to respond to the question with a choice between "I strongly disagree" to "I strongly agree".
September 21   |   77 answers
Hockey Canada did something very bad

How would you react if you were asked to complete such a survey?

I would be outraged1924.7 %
I agree with this question2127.3 %
I find it legitimate1722.1 %
None of these answers1924.7 %