Future Hall-Of-Famer Begins To Wear Neck Guard

Published November 4, 2023 at 3:53 PM
The NHL has begun to have players embrace wearing a neck guard in the wake of Adam Johnson's passing and now a future Hall-of-Famer is beginning to experiment with one.

NHLers Embrace Neck Guards

Since the passing of Adam Johnson, many NHLers have begun to experiment with wearing a neck guard including many talented players like Rasmus Dahlin, Erik Karlsson, and TJ Oshie.

With this on its way to becoming the new norm in the NHL, many more players are looking towards protecting themselves.

Giroux To Try Neck Guard

It has just been announced that future Hall-of-Famer Claude Giroux will begin to experiment with wearing a neck guard.

Claude Giroux said he will use the neck guard this evening. Wants to try it out. #Sens

After over 1100 NHL games and at 35 years old, this is the first time Giroux will be wearing a neck guard. In the past, neck guards were uncomfortable to wear but with the advancements in technology, players are now more open to wearing these guards.

With Giroux embracing a neck guard, hopefully, more young players follow his lead and protect themselves in order to avoid a future tragedy.
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Future Hall-Of-Famer Begins To Wear Neck Guard

By the end of the year, will over 50% of the NHL be wearing neck protection?

Yes45366 %
No23233.8 %

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