Former NHLer Makes Shocking Allegation Against Mike Babcock

Published September 13, 2023 at 10h15
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Mike Babcock has copped plenty of deserved criticism over the years, and now, without even getting behind the bench in Columbus, he's taking plenty of heat once again.

Another incident


According to a report from Spittin Chiclets host Paul Bissonette, Babcock is once again up to his old antics, as he recently requested to see a players phone in order to see their private photos and gain leverage over the player.

This may have been disputed by the Blue Jackets PR team, but the damage has potentially been done, as this has brought many a player out of the woodwork with their own criticism of the veteran.

A former player

One of those players is Mike Commodore, who played almost 500 games in the NHL, and while only 17 of those came under Babcock in Detroit, it was enough for him to make up his mind about the veteran.

Unfortunately for Babcock, that opinion comes with plenty of negativity, opinions that have once again been shared on social media, and if many more players agree with Commodore and come out against Babcock, his tenure in Columbus is going to be a very rough one.

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Former NHLer Makes Shocking Allegation Against Mike Babcock

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